Become a Bravoo Customer or Artist today!

Bravoo is a secure and innovative platform built to match industry professionals, project managers and customers with creative artists whenever and wherever they’re needed.

How Our Platform Works:

1 Find the right artist for your project

Take a look at our artists and compare their skills, portfolios,prices, ratings and community recommendations to find the one who’s best for your project. If you have a specific question, simply send them an enquiry. You can also post a request that artists can respond to.

2 Get in touch

When contacting your chosen artist, be as detailed as possible so the artist knows exactly what it is that you are after for your event or project. Your payment will be held securely until the performance is confirmed as per the contractual terms or according to the Terms and Conditions of service.

3 Follow up with the artist

This is where you exchange more information with the artist about your project or event via our built-in conversation and transaction management system. The artist will then deliver the agreed-upon performance at the time and location advised.

4 Mark job as complete

Once the artist has fulfilled their performance obligations as per the original terms, you can then mark the transaction as complete. Bravoo will then make sure that the artist is paid for their work. We encourage all transactions on our Marketplace to work with industry standard rates of pay.

5 Request for modification

If for some reason, the performance was not delivered by the artist according to the original terms agreed upon, you can go ahead and request a modification. You must then re-negotiate another performance with your artist.

6 Rate your artist

Once the performance has been completed, please rate and provide feedback about your artist. This will help to inform the decisions of other potential customers as they browse our catalogue of creative freelancers.

1 Post a proposal

Post a proposal outlining your creative skills and talent, and what you can do for potential customers looking for performances. Be as specific as possible so they know exactly what they will be getting for their money.

2 Communicate promptly

Respond to customer enquiries, as well as requests for custom offers, within a reasonable timeframe. Good communication is the key to landing the right kind of customers that you want to work with.

3 Build your reputation

Build and maintain a reputation as a great artist for industry professionals to work with. This includes showing up on time and providing the performance that you and the customer agreed upon in the original terms..

4 Provide a great experience

Remember to treat all customers equally, no matter the transactional value or performance. Satisfied customers will be more likely to recommend you to other customers, industry professionals and audiences. Word of mouth is paramount in the creative arts.