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Bravoo is a secure and innovative platform built to match industry professionals, project managers and customers with creative artists whenever and wherever they’re needed.

About Bravoo!

Bravoo is the ultimate online marketplace where artists, creative businesses and audiences come together. We connect the artist and artistic service to the audience throughout a website. From the start, Bravoo was all designed and dedicated to helping grow creative industries collaboratively, ethically, and sustainably.

It is increasingly challenging and problematic for artists, entertainment professionals and small to medium-sized artists' to promote their work; BRAVOO brings the peace of mind you need.

On the other hand, BRAVOO offers the most varied options of talents you need. It provides a gateway for employers to hire an eclectic array of talents, from dancers to fire-breathers to DJs, all at the touch of a button for your next event, including weddings, birthday parties, etc.

Bravoo's mission is to provide a simple, secure and effortless platform where artists connect with clients. We want creative artists and industry professionals to showcase their talents, find themselves working and receive correct payments. At the same time, they are empowering customers to discover the art and entertainment needed to meet their demands.

Bravoo's vision will be the number one jobs platform for creative industries and individuals, helping to grow the creative industries in a collaborative, ethical, and sustainable way. 

"The creative industries need to thrive, all in one place—an online platform by an artist for artists."
Claudio Tavares (Founder/CEO)

Hello, my name is Claudio Tavares, and I am the founder and CEO of Bravoo. I've been fortunate to spend 20 yrs performing & learning at the most magical places in the world. My passion today is to help restore the vitality and resilience of the creative arts and entertainment sector. My ambition is to create an easy platform to discover and hire creative talents and industry professionals.